About Us

At Mallery & Zimmerman, we understand business and the legal needs of business owners and employees. We hire and develop the best lawyers in a broad range of disciplines so that we are equipped to navigate your legal situation. We focus on creative ways to prevent and solve problems, and leverage opportunities for our clients. Our attorneys serve as trusted advisors and act on the highest principles of honesty and integrity.

We value quality, service and timeliness. Our top-level legal knowledge makes us efficient, often resulting in significantly lower fees than you might expect. Clients appreciate our affordability, and value our effectiveness.

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Large Firm Quality, Small Firm Style

We offer large-firm quality for small-firm value. At Mallery & Zimmerman, you receive our dedicated attention, and most often you work directly with our shareholder-level attorneys. We pride ourselves on our close personal relationships with our clients.

We also are deeply involved in supporting the quality of life of the communities in which we live and practice. Members of our firm are authors, lecturers and leaders in their legal areas of practice. Many of us are active in the growth and welfare of local businesses and non-profit organizations.

“The legal community has a tendency to over-complicate things. Mallery & Zimmerman keeps things simple.”

-- CFO, International Manufacturer

“The attorneys at Mallery & Zimmerman are smart and practical. They create value and get to the bottom line quickly, which saves us time and money.”

-- CEO, Commercial Real Estate Company

"The attorneys at Mallery & Zimmerman take the time to understand our business and projects. We rely on them to provide creative solutions to our legal issues. They consistently deliver.”

-- Principal, Commercial Real Estate Development Firm