Ron Stadler Continues to Speak on Special Education Law and Litigation


In December, Ron Stadler contributed to a full day seminar on special education law entitled “Student Bullying: Proving or Disproving School Negligence.”  Ron gave presentations on the legal framework for negligence claims relating to bullying and ethical implications for school attorneys.  He also presented at a two day seminar on “Advanced Civil Litigation Strategies” speaking on the issues of Effective Use of Motions in Limine and “Addressing Weaknesses In Your Case In Closing Statements.”

Ron was recently invited to present at a seminar in Albuquerque, New Mexico in May entitled “Special Education Law: The Ultimate Guide”.  He will be speaking on “Essential Special Education Legal Updates You Need to Know” and “504 Plan Eligibility and Accommodation Best Practices.”   Ron regularly represents school districts on school law and special education issues.  As reflected by his speaking schedule, Ron continues to be recognized nationally as an expert on special education law.