Lending/Finance Law

Mallery & Zimmerman has a sophisticated and significant finance practice. In fact, we have closed billions of dollars of loans over the years for both borrowers and lenders, ranging from large commercial loans to small business loans, both locally and nationally. Our clients include business organizations, entrepreneurs, banks, thrifts, insurance companies, finance companies and equity sources, as well as other lenders, borrowers and investors.

We understand that borrowers and lenders create long-term relationships, and the loan closing process should enhance, not harm, these relationships. We also recognize that when the parties do not properly attend to details, the relationship can be jeopardized. We are a full-service firm for lenders and borrowers and believe that our experience assists clients in creating sound, long-term financing relationships.

As lender’s counsel, we work efficiently to leverage opportunities for our client and ensure their interests are protected.

As borrower’s counsel, we help ensure the lender and its counsel receive the necessary information to efficiently close the loan, and avoid getting bogged down in bureaucracy, legal minutiae or disorganization.

In addition to helping put loans together, we also help take them apart. Our lending attorneys and creditors’ rights attorneys work together and have substantial experience in handling all aspects of troubled loans on behalf of both lenders and borrowers.